Network Administrator Job Description

The duties of a Network Administrator include supporting, designing, maintaining, and evaluating computer networking along with telecommunication systems. Thy install, configure, and maintain physical servers and virtual computer servers. They maintain the employee network, the email, and card key accessing accounts, and then do any additional duties that they’re assigned. Now you should have an idea of whether or not the Network Administrator Job Description fits you.

As a Network Administrator you would not supervise anyone but you could be involved in training, leading, or participating in the assignment of work teams.

Your overall job would be to oversee the daily operations of computer networks. This would include the hardware/software support, special projects, and training.

Working as a Network Administrator means you will basically be the ‘third tier’ for technical or network staff that’s involved with network mapping, start-up, installation, maintenance, and improvement. You would be responsible for ensuring that the LAN/WAN network connectivity of the company is adequate. You also ensure the security and deployment of the LAN/WAN network is also in good standing.

Because you are considered a ‘third tier’ part of the technical staff you will very rarely be asked to help out with customer support.

To put it more simply your role as Network Administrator is ensuring that the networking hardware and the software are working to produce the highest level of local and Internet networking conditions.

Your exact functions will depend on the needs of your corporation and the related industry or trade that they practice.

In 2008 nearly half a million job position in the U.S. involved network administration or systems administration. The career outlook for Network Administrators is projected to be positive with governments and businesses expanding in the use of technology that’s computer based.

You Can Become Part Of The Network Administrator Job Description:

In order to become a Network Administrator you need to earn a degree. To land an entry level job will take a 2 year degree in a field that’s related to software, hardware, or information systems. Earning an A.S. (associates of science) degree will be more highly regarded than earning an A.A. (associates of arts). This is because the A.S. applicant has taken more engineering and science courses.

In order for you to advance in this career field you need to earn a 4 year degree. The B.S. will open more doors than the B.A. Having a major like Software Development, Network Information Systems, and Computer Engineering are highly regarded by employers.

With your Masters degree you can expect higher compensation. There are some commonly required certifications as a Network Administrator. This list includes a MCSE (microsoft certified system engineer), a CCNA (cisco certified network associate), and an MCSA (microsoft certified system administrator).

The starting salary for a Network Administrator is around $45K a year. When you become a Network Administrator with a significant amount of experience this can jump as high as $140K a year. These figures don’t reflect benefits such as paid vacation, sick leave, medical insurance, and retirement packages.

The need to be able to seamlessly move information across the globe and share it through computers is what gave birth to computer networking. Networking is changing our world in regard to-

• Biomedicine
• Consumer Electronics
• Super Computing
• Industrial Automation
• Defense

The Network Administrator works from the concept upward. They monitor the network performance, troubleshoot problems, and maintain security daily. In the next few years VPN (virtual private networks) and many other Internet or telecom-based applications such as remote servicing, along with IVR (interactive voice response), are expected to peak.

If you are someone with a knack for these kinds of things and the Network Administrator Job Description seems to be a good fit for you, then you can go online and find plenty of online programs to get started earning your degree. Starting your online courses puts you on the path to becoming a Network Administrator.